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At Drafting Help, we blend over 20 years of expertise in residential design with an unwavering commitment to drafting excellence. Based in the heart of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, our team specialises in transforming your residential ideas into well-crafted realities. We’re not just draftsmen; we’re architects of dreams, dedicated to creating spaces that reflect your aspirations.

Local Insight with Global Precision

Our deep understanding of Sydney’s architectural landscape and local council requirements ensures every project complies with regulatory guidelines while meeting global quality standards. From initial sketches to final DA lodgment, our process is streamlined for your ease and satisfaction. Trust us to navigate the complexities of residential drafting, making your journey towards a dream home both seamless and fulfilling.

Streamlined Drafting & Approval Process


Navigating Drafting and Approval with Precision

Drafting Help streamlines your project from concept to approval. Starting with a comprehensive consultation, we translate your vision into initial sketches, laying the groundwork for detailed drafting.


Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance at Every Step

Our expertise is evident in creating detailed CAD plans, ensuring aesthetic appeal and strict adherence to council guidelines. This meticulous approach aims to enhance first-time approval rates.


Streamlined Approvals and Ongoing Support

In the final phase, we manage your Development Application, handling all documentation and council liaison, while keeping you informed and supported throughout the process.

Drafting Help

Full Spectrum of Drafting Services

Every Service Tailored for Your Project’s Success

✔ Preparation of Submission Plans
✔ 3D Visualisation / Rendering
✔ Notification Plans
✔ BASIX certificates
✔ Sediment and Erosion Control Plans
✔ Floor Plans
✔ Bush Fire, Flood, Heritage, Geotechnical Reports

✔ Landscape Plans
✔ Specifications
✔ Sectional Plans
✔ Electrical Drawings
✔ Consultant Liaison
✔ Waste Management Plans
✔ Development Application Management

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients: Real Experiences with Drafting Help

Peter Stewart
Peter Stewart
Tim assisted us by providing the Plans for our Granny Flat. He then took the plans through the DA stage until the plans were approved. At all times he was very professional and up front with the fees required. Would recommend Tim for any work.
Patrick Flaherty
Patrick Flaherty
From start through to completion, Tim was first class in his approach and execution. Made us feel safe, informed and totally across every detail of the plans and process. He went over and above for us too on multiple occasions. Highly recommend using him.
Land Eco Consulting
Land Eco Consulting
Great service from Tim getting our office fitout drafted up.
Andrew Holder
Andrew Holder
Tim is from Lancashire in the UK. So we had our doubts....but still gave him a go. 😀 He turned out to be very good, reasonably priced and attentive. He got the job done, which is not easy with our local council, let me tell you. Tbanks Tim.
Ursulina Damiens
Ursulina Damiens
Very efficient service, DA approved very quickly. Highly recommended. Thanks Tim
Nick Andrews
Nick Andrews
Prompt and efficient service at the right price.
Maxine Fernandez
Maxine Fernandez
Tim was fantastic in preparing our plans for our renovations in a very timely and manner. Tim is highly professional and his plans are of very high standard. Tim also got our plans approved by council in 29 days! Tim made our experience easy and stress free. I would highly recommend him to anyone needed professional plans drawn up.
Peter Barnett
Peter Barnett
Tim was a great help with my plans and the process of submission to Council. He saved weeks because he was aware of everything required. After many years in the building trade I wish I had discovered Drafting Help years ago...! Highly recommended, Peter B. Newport
WAyne Davies
WAyne Davies
Tim was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him. During our project he was very patient and helped us turn our thoughts and concepts into a final design. He was very reasonably priced for the service received and would certainly use him.
Andrew Osborne
Andrew Osborne
The service provided by Tim of Drafting Help was excellent. Drawings for our build project were completed in a timely manner to a very high standard. He provided valuable input to our plans and assisted with the complying development process which was new territory for us. He provides a friendly yet highly professional service with exceptional communication throughout the whole process. Highly recommended and would use again without hesitation.

Collaborating with Industry Experts

Drafting Help benefit

Leveraging Our Network for Your Benefit

At Drafting Help, we understand the value of collaboration, especially when it comes to realizing complex residential projects. That’s why we have cultivated a robust network of industry consultants, each specialized in different aspects of residential design and construction. This network includes seasoned architects, engineers, environmental specialists, and various other experts.

Drafting Help collaboration

The Power of Professional Collaboration

The benefits of these collaborations are manifold and extensive. Firstly, it allows us to bring a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to your project, ensuring that every angle is considered, from structural integrity to environmental impact. This holistic perspective not only significantly enhances the quality of the final design but also greatly streamlines the approval process.

Efficient DA Management Service

Streamlining Development Applications

Drafting Help simplifies the Development Application process with comprehensive management services. We handle all aspects of lodgment and council coordination, removing complexities for our clients.

Focus on Your Project, Not Paperwork

Our service ensures smooth council interactions and timely processing of your application, freeing you from bureaucratic burdens. Trust us to manage the details, allowing you to concentrate on the exciting parts of your project. With our expertise, expect quicker approvals and a hassle-free experience.

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