Tailored Service Packages to Suit Your Drafting Needs

Our Fixed Cost Drawing Packages

At Drafting Help, we are excited to offer our clients tailor-made Fixed Cost Drawing Packages, designed to streamline your residential development process.

Comprehensive Packages for Your Needs
Our packages are carefully crafted to include all the essential drawings typically required by councils for lodging a development application. This encompasses a range of residential alterations and additions, such as carports, ground, and second-storey additions.

Aligned with Council Guidelines
Each package is aligned with council guideline drawing checklists, ensuring that all relevant drawings are included in your development application submission.

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Drawing Packages

Delighted to offer Fixed Cost Drawing Packages for residential alterations, including essential drawings, complimentary 3D renderings, and free updates for seamless processing.

Visualise the development Concept Drawing

Getting builders quotes, a visual picture and an idea of the budget involved.

Single Storey Full DA Drawing


Lodging DA to council / Private Certifier.

*All drawings include existing and proposed views.

Double Storey Full DA Drawing

Lodging DA to council / Private Certifier.

*All drawings include existing and proposed views.

Our Process

Depending on the type of project the nature and number of stages may vary, but typically our drafting services in Sydney follow this process:


Setting Scope and Brief

This first stage involves a site visit and initial discussions on project requirements, to set the scope of the works. This may include site surveys, budget specifications and discussion of any known constraints. A final design brief is written up and confirmed to ensure plans are realistic from inception in terms of cost and scale.

Thorough implementation of this first stage paves the way for a smooth planning process.


Initial Planning Stage

Once the final brief is agreed, costing and feasibility studies commence. Any additional consultation required is undertaken, for example surveying, soil testing. Where necessary, possible alternatives are proposed for improvement or modification and to ensure client needs are fulfilled. This stage finalises the design options, providing initial sketch plans and simple 3D drawings for confirmation of end results.


Provision of Drawings

The final scheme design and building license drawings are drawn up, adhering fully to the design brief. Any further consultants required are brought in, for example engineering, energy efficiency. All cost implications are analysed before submission is made for planning approval and the approval process is monitored and overseen.

The result of this stage is approved drawings, ready for construction to commence.


Post Planning Stage

This stage ensures the proper discharge of planning conditions and allows for any additional design work. On site consulting may be required for revisions, design modifications or the provision of additional services. If the consented design requires alteration, this must be fully documented.

This final stage follows through to project completion, with the benefit of ensuring all drawings remain fully up to date and in order.

Effective Drafting Strategy

Insights and Guidelines to Navigate Your Drafting Choices Effectively

The quotes you receive will likely vary greatly in cost. This is because they may not include all the drawings required for Council approval. For a DA submission to be successful, all necessary inclusions to satisfy Council’s strict guidelines must be present. Incomplete development applications can cause issues later in the process, in fact DraftingHelp is often called in to complete inadequate development applications that have been submitted by others.

An easy way to understand exactly what is involved and required is to visit your Local Council office and ask. You can also arrange a pre-lodgement meeting to discuss your development plans or check the development application form for full submission details.

The person working on your project plans will not only need to take care of the drafting but also know and understand the planning regulations in your area. A great looking set of plans will not achieve approval if the planning guidelines have not been taken into consideration and strictly followed.

Over the years, DraftingHelp has seen many surveys ranging in cost to the client, however, the less expensive surveys do not often have the detail included to provide the necessary information on the project drawings.

When hiring a Draftsman, a relationship is formed and you will need to be able to communicate with them during the time it takes for your plans to be completed. Delayed email response times and communication difficulties will only hinder your project.

changes to drawings can be costly. Therefore, it is important to ask your Draftsman whether they will charge for changes to drawings. This can make a significant increase to your budget.

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