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Your Premier Draftsman for Granny Flat Approvals

Two Decades of Tailored Granny Flat Drafting

At Drafting Help, we merge over 20 years of design experience with a dedicated focus on creating exceptional granny flats. Nestled in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, our team excels in turning your ideas for granny flats into well-thought-out designs. We’re more than just draftsmen; we’re creators of compact, comfortable living spaces, committed to designing granny flats that suit your specific needs and enhance your property’s value.

Local Expertise for Optimal Granny Flat Drafting

Our in-depth understanding of Sydney’s residential landscape and local council requirements ensures every granny flat design is compliant and of the highest standard. From initial concepts to final council approval, our process is efficient and tailored to your satisfaction. Count on us to handle the intricacies of designing a granny flat, ensuring a smooth and rewarding journey to expanding your living space.

Streamlined Granny Flat Drafting & Approval Process


Efficient Design and Approval for Granny Flats

Streamlines your granny flat project from the first idea to council approval. We begin with a detailed consultation to transform your vision into preliminary designs, laying the foundation for comprehensive granny flat plans.


Precision and Compliance in Every Design

Our expertise is showcased in crafting detailed plans for granny flats, balancing aesthetics with strict adherence to council guidelines. This detail-oriented approach aims to ensure first-time approval success.


Seamless Approvals and Continuous Support

In the final stage, we oversee your Development Application, managing all documentation and council liaison, while offering you consistent support throughout the design and approval process.

Drafting Help Granny flat

Specialised Services for Granny Flat Approvals

Tailoring Every Service for Your Granny Flat Success

✔ Customised Granny Flat Plans
✔ 3D Visualisation of Granny Flats
✔ Submission and Notification Plans
✔ BASIX Certificates for Energy Efficiency
✔ Control Plans for Sediment and Erosion
✔ Detailed Floor Plans for Granny Flats
✔ Compliance Reports (Bush Fire, Flood, Heritage, Geotechnical)

✔ Design Plans for Granny Flat Landscaping
✔ Comprehensive Specifications for Construction
✔ Sectional Views and Elevations
✔ Electrical Layouts for Granny Flats
✔ Coordination with Consultants
✔ Waste Management Strategies
✔ Development Application Handling for Granny Flats

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients: Real Experiences with Drafting Help

Peter Stewart
Peter Stewart
Tim assisted us by providing the Plans for our Granny Flat. He then took the plans through the DA stage until the plans were approved. At all times he was very professional and up front with the fees required. Would recommend Tim for any work.
Patrick Flaherty
Patrick Flaherty
From start through to completion, Tim was first class in his approach and execution. Made us feel safe, informed and totally across every detail of the plans and process. He went over and above for us too on multiple occasions. Highly recommend using him.
Land Eco Consulting
Land Eco Consulting
Great service from Tim getting our office fitout drafted up.
Andrew Holder
Andrew Holder
Tim is from Lancashire in the UK. So we had our doubts....but still gave him a go. 😀 He turned out to be very good, reasonably priced and attentive. He got the job done, which is not easy with our local council, let me tell you. Tbanks Tim.
Ursulina Damiens
Ursulina Damiens
Very efficient service, DA approved very quickly. Highly recommended. Thanks Tim
Nick Andrews
Nick Andrews
Prompt and efficient service at the right price.
Maxine Fernandez
Maxine Fernandez
Tim was fantastic in preparing our plans for our renovations in a very timely and manner. Tim is highly professional and his plans are of very high standard. Tim also got our plans approved by council in 29 days! Tim made our experience easy and stress free. I would highly recommend him to anyone needed professional plans drawn up.
Peter Barnett
Peter Barnett
Tim was a great help with my plans and the process of submission to Council. He saved weeks because he was aware of everything required. After many years in the building trade I wish I had discovered Drafting Help years ago...! Highly recommended, Peter B. Newport
WAyne Davies
WAyne Davies
Tim was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him. During our project he was very patient and helped us turn our thoughts and concepts into a final design. He was very reasonably priced for the service received and would certainly use him.
Andrew Osborne
Andrew Osborne
The service provided by Tim of Drafting Help was excellent. Drawings for our build project were completed in a timely manner to a very high standard. He provided valuable input to our plans and assisted with the complying development process which was new territory for us. He provides a friendly yet highly professional service with exceptional communication throughout the whole process. Highly recommended and would use again without hesitation.

Collaborating with Experts for Granny Flat Excellence

Drafting Help benefit

Building Networks for Optimal Granny Flat Designs

At Drafting Help, we recognize the importance of collaboration in creating superior granny flat projects. Our network includes skilled architects, engineers, and environmental experts, each contributing their expertise to your project.

Drafting Help collaboration

The Advantage of Expert Collaboration

This collaborative approach provides a holistic view of your granny flat design, considering every aspect from structural soundness to environmental sustainability. This comprehensive approach not only improves the design quality but also facilitates the approval process with councils.

Development Application (DA) Process for Granny Flats

Simplifying the DA Process for Granny Flats

Drafting Help eases the Development Application process for granny flats, overseeing every aspect of lodgment and council coordination. Our service simplifies the complexities often associated with granny flat approvals.

Focus on Your Granny Flat, Not the Red Tape

We ensure efficient council processes, speeding up the application process and alleviating administrative stress. Trust us to manage the intricacies, allowing you to focus on the exciting development of your granny flat. Expect faster approvals and a smooth experience with our expertise.

Revolutionising Granny Flat Design in Sydney

We’ve been at the forefront of crafting exceptional granny flat designs in Sydney. At Drafting Help, we blend local experience with a keen eye for detail, making us a go-to for savvy Sydneysiders. Our team’s knack for efficient, aesthetically pleasing designs sets us apart. With over 350 successful projects and more than 500 happy clients, our approach to granny flat design is proven to deliver results. From Northern Beaches to Eastern Suburbs, we’re redefining comfortable, stylish living in every nook of Sydney.

Your Guide to Contemporary Granny Flat Styles

Exploring contemporary granny flat styles? Sydney’s landscape is perfect for modern, compact living solutions. Our 1-bedroom granny flat designs in Sydney strike a balance between trendy and practical. Think minimalist interiors, open-plan living spaces, and intelligent use of natural light. These aren’t just secondary dwellings; they’re cosy and efficient for homes’ comfort and style. Whether for renting out or housing a family, our contemporary designs ensure your granny flat is more than just an addition – it’s a stylish, functional space that complements your property and lifestyle.

Maximising Space: Innovative Design Techniques for Granny Flats

In Sydney, making the most of every square metre is key, especially in granny flats. Our 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom granny flat designs are about innovative space maximisation. We’re experts at crafting open and airy spaces, regardless of size. Clever storage solutions, multipurpose areas, and thoughtful layouts are our forte. Our designs ensure that a compact footprint doesn’t compromise comfort or style. Whether it’s a cosy 2-bedroom setup or a more spacious 3-bedroom flat, we customise each project to make the most of available space, proving that size isn’t everything in smart design.

Comprehensive Drafting Services for Your Sydney Granny Flat

Looking to add a granny flat in Sydney? Our comprehensive drafting services are just what you need. We manage every step with precision and care, from initial sketches to final blueprints. Our team specialises in creating designs that aren’t just visually appealing but also highly functional. We turn your vision into reality, ensuring every granny flat we design perfectly blends practicality and style.

Our Drafting Process

Our drafting process is streamlined to transform your ideas into tangible plans. It starts with understanding your vision and site specifics. Then, we delve into designing, keeping your needs and council requirements in mind. Our experts craft detailed drawings, incorporating your feedback at every stage. We ensure every aspect, from layout to aesthetics, meets your expectations. Our process is thorough yet flexible, adapting to any changes.

Customised Granny Flat Designs to Fit Your Lifestyle

We offer customised designs to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re after a cosy retreat for guests or a functional space for family, we’ve got you covered. Our designs consider your daily routines, preferences, and the overall vibe you want to achieve. We’re all about creating spaces that are not just buildings but extensions of your lifestyle.

The Benefits of Investing in a Granny Flat in Sydney

Investing in a granny flat in Sydney offers numerous benefits. It’s an intelligent way to utilise your property’s space while adding significant value. Granny flats are versatile, serving as a home office, guest house, or rental unit. They’re a cost-effective solution to expanding living space without the hassle of moving. Plus, they can generate rental income, making them a wise investment.

Enhancing Property Value with a Granny Flat

Adding a granny flat to your Sydney property is a surefire way to boost its value. It’s an attractive feature for potential buyers, offering additional living space or an income-generating opportunity. Granny flats are a versatile investment, appealing to families needing extra room and investors seeking rental income. They can significantly increase your property’s market appeal, making it stand out in the competitive Sydney real estate market.

A Smart Solution for Extra Space in Sydney

Granny flats perfectly answer Sydney’s need for extra space. Whether it’s for accommodating growing families, hosting guests, or creating a dedicated work-from-home space, these compact units are versatile. They offer the convenience of additional rooms without the costs and hassle of major renovations or relocating. Granny flats are designed to maximise space efficiently, providing a practical yet comfortable living solution. They’re a smart, space-saving choice for anyone looking to expand their living area in Sydney.

Why Choose Drafting Help for Your Granny Flat Project

Choosing Drafting Help for your granny flat project means partnering with a team that understands your needs and delivers quality. Here’s why we stand out:

  • Proven Track Record: Since 2005, we’ve completed over 300 projects, making us a trusted name in Sydney.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We tailor every design to fit your lifestyle, ensuring your granny flat is not just a structure but a home.
  • Comprehensive Services: We manage every step meticulously, from the initial concept to the final blueprint.

Expertise and Experience in Granny Flat Design and Drafting

We’ve consistently delivered projects that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our team’s deep familiarity with Sydney’s unique architectural landscape ensures your granny flat is both aesthetically pleasing and fully compliant with local regulations.

Start Your Sydney Granny Flat Journey with Drafting Help

Ready to transform your property with a stylish granny flat? Don’t wait! Reach out to Drafting Help today. Whether upgrading your current space or embarking on something new, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Venture on Your Design Adventure with Drafting Help

Thinking about a granny flat or planning a property revamp in Sydney? Trust Drafting Help to make it happen. Our repertoire includes residential drafting, custom house plans, and all-encompassing home renovations & extensions. With us, your property’s potential is limitless. Contact us today, and let’s kickstart your project with the perfect blend of expertise, creativity, and tailored solutions.

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