A Granny Flat is an extension that exists on the same site, either free standing or adjoining the main house. It is an improvement to the property that can house family or be rented out for extra income. 

It is a fully self-contained unit, having a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area and a Granny Flat often has a fenced-off yard or area that is separate from the main home. 


Factors to consider when preparing to draw up Granny Flat designs: 

- Who will use the granny flat? granny, teenagers, rental clients, other
- What are the main requirements of the addition? 
- What is the budget? 
- Any additional options that would be beneficial? 
- How many bedrooms - 1,2 or 3? 
- No of bathrooms - 1, guest toilet, en suite, etc? 

Contact us at DraftingHelp to assist you with planning your granny flat designs and we will help you devise a workable and practical plan within your budget and requirements. 

Remember that all granny flat designs need to meet council approval by conforming with legal and planning requirements for your area. DraftingHelp assist you throughout the whole process, right through to approval so that you are ready to start building. 

See our Packages for complete plans and ideas to put your granny flat designs into reality. 


Ensure your granny flat designs match to your current building, aesthetically, to enhance the property. Visual appeal is a big factor in attracting high rentals. 

Consider adding an extra bedroom to your granny flat, since it provides a lot of additional flexibility, without being a very expensive room to add. 

A granny flat needs to be a completely independent living unit and it can add value to your property as well as provide welcome additional accommodation, if necessary. 


Check out our FAQ or feel free to Contact Us with any questions about your Granny Flat requirements