Drafting Help specialise in additions to existing homes. Designing your home extension to blend seamlessly into the existing house, we create new living spaces for comfort and style.

Additions may be to cater for an expanding family, add amenities or make existing areas more spacious. They should always add value to your property.

When planning additions, be sure to consider all your options. It may be just an extra room, or extension to a room, or a whole wing. Remember to consider a second storey, if it is feasible.

Since additions are additional building structures, they need to be properly integrated into the existing building. This is where the services of a draftsman can help greatly in assuring the quality of the finished extension.

DraftingHelp provide a complete service, helping with the initial planning of the additions, whether it is an extra room, several rooms, carport, granny flat LINK, etc.

Our Package LINK includes a full set of drawings ready to lodge to council as a development application or to a private certifier.

This includes all the relevant elevations and sections as well as the building envelope and site plans for your additions.

Seeing your proposed additions in 3D is critical to ensuring satisfaction with scale and aesthetics, as well as for gaining an understanding of exactly what the finished project will look like.

We can document all your additions - just ask us for a quote.

We can document all your renovations and extensions - just ask us for a quote.