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We have unique expertise in the areas of both drafting and council approval and have been operating since 2005. Drafting Help has assisted hundreds of clients across Sydney including private residence owners, local businesses and large architectural practices.

With many years of experience in the Northern Beaches, North Shore and Sydney Metropolitan areas, the chances are that we have completed a project similar to what you require and that we have the skills and experience to deliver the best quality drawings in a timely manner, to your requirements.

Need planning approval drawings?

Need design advice for a new or existing design?   

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A One Stop Shop
We provide all the plans and drawings you will need to get your Development Plans approved quickly and easily.

We show up on time, every time. We respect your time, meet our appointments and keep our agreed deadlines.

We give honest advice on your plans and complete transparency when talking about the costs of your project.

We have over 15 year’s local experience on the North Shore, Northern Beaches and Sydney Metropolitan area.

DraftingHelp follow a proven process to achieve Council approval, providing everything they want, first time.

Create Quality, Detailed Plans
We use the very latest CAD drafting software to produce high quality site plans, elevations and 3D renderings.

Provide DA Clarity
We know getting Council approval can seem like entering a black hole. We`ll hold your hand through the process.

Our Process

Depending on the type of project the nature and number of stages may vary, but typically our drafting services in Sydney follow this process:

1 Setting Scope and Brief
This first stage involves a site visit and initial discussions on project requirements, to set the scope of the works. This may include site surveys, budget specifications and discussion of any known constraints. A final design brief is written up and confirmed to ensure plans are realistic from inception in terms of cost and scale.

Thorough implementation of this first stage paves the way for a smooth planning process.

2 Initial Planning Stage
Once the final brief is agreed, costing and feasibility studies commence. Any additional consultation required is undertaken, for example surveying, soil testing. Where necessary, possible alternatives are proposed for improvement or modification and to ensure client needs are fulfilled.  This stage finalises the design options, providing initial sketch plans and simple 3D drawings for confirmation of end results.

3 Provision of Drawings
The final scheme design and building license drawings are drawn up, adhering fully to the design brief. Any further consultants required are brought in, for example engineering, energy efficiency. All cost implications are analysed before submission is made for planning approval and the approval process is monitored and overseen.

The result of this stage is approved drawings, ready for construction to commence.

4 Post Planning Stage
This stage ensures the proper discharge of planning conditions and allows for any additional design work. On site consulting may be required for revisions, design modifications or the provision of additional services. If the consented design requires alteration, this must be fully documented.

This final stage follows through to project completion, with the benefit of ensuring all drawings remain fully up to date and in order.

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